Grünerhagen Public Bath

Grünerhagen Public Bath

Grünerhagen, Oslo, Norway

An individual experience with water:
A place stripped of context where the only thing one is bound to is water, light and temperature. Underground open roof bath with heated salt water. High contrast regarding dimension: overall dark and intimate. Eleven meters deep water, roof with high walls open to the outside park adding outdoor elements like fallen leaves, birds, snow flakes, light and temperature to the bath. Concrete, stainless steel, oak, brass details. There are no watches on the walls. Not a reception: just a ticket automat and a vending machine. In the main room there is a wall a foot underneath the water surface; if you dive underneath it you will experience a room with heated air (a secret).


*Nominated to PAX Forlag award for excellent writing



open roof, 11 m. deep, warm concrete stairs, salt water, heated room underneath wall to the left (not visible unless one dives underneath the concrete wall)
11 meters deep, heated water and stairs, open hole in the roof (secret warm room to the left)
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Narrow corridors, large bath
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Gloomy lighting, brass detail, open showers (darkness removes shyness)


vending machine

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situation grünerløkka, oslo, norway
situation Grünerløkka, Oslo, Norway
spotify playlist for the bath
Spotify playlist for the bath (picture is link)