House For Aging Performers
17 September 2016

House For Aging Performers

Slåmotgangen, Oslo, Norway

What is the new collective? The retired population in Norway is growing, and age is not enough; common interests is the gathering factor. This four-story structure invites the public in on both the ground floor and the third floor for while 12 performance artists and contemporary dancers with a collective idea of intimacy, living and interest of a common life after they retire from their professions can structure their home environment with heavy curtains as only walls creating the desired privacy.

– collective for 12 elderly performers
– ground floor and third floor open to the public (via elevator)
– ground floor with only back wall, roof with no ceiling (closer to the elements)
– 1st and 2nd floor private and available only to residents
– steel, heavy fabric, glass
– no walls, only translucent glass and heavy curtains separating flexible rooms and zones