5 Fire from Fog

5 Fire from Fog

Online Maturation and its Effect on Identity

Within a pattern of expressions collected through maturing on the internet, this film is an excerpt of my life long exploration of evil — and sub- and main culture. It raises questions of how general perceptions of dark thoughts and visualities channeled more directly through material or media can be put in a more conscious environment, in a thought-constructed, tentative frame.

(But the mind does not work like that, and only takes out what it finds potent enough to keep and then let it leak out in other ways of emotions, thoughts or behavior).

The video includes an interview with the late Ted Bundy, deceased by electric execution as a result from a high number of cases of kidnapping, rape, murder and necrophilia. In excerpts Bundy calmly tells a story of childhood, impressions and imprints, the semi-subconscious effect of different core pornographic media on himself —  and the act, the acting out and the need to establish and fulfill ideas and lusts into physical form.

To establish the work as personal feels unnecessary: the identity is the result of a thousand impressions which has occurred both by consciously seeking them, but also by chance, association – and in the case of the internet: algorithm. This retrospective pattern of thoughts can give a clue of some sort of causality resulting in thought and idea – or in last consequence: action.