concretia escapes
3 June 2017

Concretia Escapes

Aker Brygge/Vika, Oslo

Several stories and texts has been the catalyst and drive of this project with it’s theoretical progressional work resulted in a building for a segment of residents which can build each their unique home on a floor of 890 square meters. The building has 10 stories and a circular wall around it, which created a necessary buffer to the activity of the city, pedestrians and public – with square perforations for light exposure. Four stories and four descriptions about four characters were made to discuss the possibilities of each apartment. Concretia Escapes is an escape from the regular world, to your own floor in the concrete castle. 

Building total area 9000 m2

*Nominated to PAX Forlag award for excellent writing


The Silent Woman
Gender: Female
Age: 66
Occupation: Widow, Author
Interests: Czech poetry, botanics
Other: Has spent the last eight years in comfortable grief over her late husband. Appreciates her most extroverted friends and string quartets. Emotionally involved with her vine plants. Not polite towards retail employers. Fond of foods in lack of color. Does not appreciate animals.

The Silent Woman: Spending her life devoted to plant care and botanics she surrounds herself with flowers and plants in her large apartment. Around the apartment are only two doors: one in a guest bathroom and one to the laundry room. Green house section with preparation and plant care section, floor tiles for easy cleaning, connected in bottom right possible to open when the weather allows it, curved walls for maximum architectural embrace. Her husband is gone and she remembers it every time she sees two chairs around her house, but she’s comforted by the thought as well. Sleeping room made private and quiet to visual noise by heavy curtains. Around her home are several faucets and water cans (she prefers doing it manually still, doesn’t trust the automatic watering systems).

The Dog Man
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Occupation: Old money, Painter
Interests: Boxer dogs, impressionism
Other: Occassional smoker, but always smell of expensive oud perfumes. Has tried being a gigolo. Enjoys pilates. Constantly disturbed in his work by his two dogs. Dogs have terrible manners and eat the food off his plate if unattended. Mentionable oedipus complex. Insomnia. Talks slowly. Good listener.


The Dog Man: Half the apartment a grass field for his two boxer dogs. Studio with good natural light from north, connected combined gallery space and indoor dog playing room. On each side of the apartment is a private outdoor pilates terrace with wooden floors. No doors in private apartment – only walls. Dog shower and room with washer. Studio space connected with private apartment with doors that can stay open most of the year so dogs can go outside to pee when The Dog Man prefers not to be disturbed in his sleep. Small library, separated shower and toilet, kitchen.

The Pale Family
Members: Mother (46), father (45), daughter (14), daughter (9)
Occupation: Mother CEO, Father surgeon
Other: Children engaged in combat sports and horseback riding. Family eating unhealthy amount of vegetables. Usually dressed in beige, offwhite, cream, gray. 9-year old daughter is the only one picking a fight. The other family members are silent and keep their secrets to themselves. 14-year old daughter has 6000 followers on her semi-NSFW Instagram, mostly Koreans. Father closeted homosexual. Mother raised catholic and pathological sociopath.

The Pale Family: A family of secrets – an apartment of secrets. From the elevator you meet a foayée with a grand piano that welcomes you into the dining room. Connected to restroom and lounge. Between rooms a hall narrow (150 cm.) and tall (470 cm.)Many different livingrooms not connected for privacy. Each family member with their own threadmill. Father of the house has a corner office with a connected room no one else in the family knows about. Maid studio space in the top right corner of the apartment. Top left corner the two daughters have each their rooms and a common bathroom. Mother and father share a large bedroom with His and Hers walk-in-closet and private bathroom.

The Debt Dandy
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Start-up-manager of numerous companies
Interests: Dan Bilzerian
Other: Extremely charismatic exterior. Social cigar smoker, never inhales. Well developed facial hair and proud of it. Mention model ex-girlfriend often. Pot belly. Problematic relationship with recreational drug use. Close with his mother.

The Debt Dandy: A man of unwanted solitude: He lives mostly alone in this party mansion of an apartment. The first thing one sees is the main attraction: the infinity pool. Around it is a gym zone and a bar and lounge zone. Guest bathrooms, maid apartment, balcony towards west for late nights barbequeing, large bedroom, corner shower for maximum exposure, projector screen in bed.