3 October 2020


Mixed media: Human hair, silicone, birch twigs, graphite, lamb jaw, plaster — 2019

The Troll Cat (trøllkatt), an an object well known in certain rural Scandinavian perishes, functioned as a tool for the female troll (huldra) to cast bad luck on the people. The initial property of the Troll Cat was to function as a autonomous leech, draining the humans’ cattle of valuable milk – and drain it in her own trough – for the use of the troll herself. It could also cause mysterious illness, fear – and death. There are several historical recipes and methods for creating a Troll Cat, now mostly kept by local museums across Norway. They are described as balls of hair and human nails, rolling unsettlingly in the corners of the cowshed after dark. It was more or less impossible to kill, and it is told that one had to show the utmost respect for the people of the hills (haugafølket) to not be attacked by one.

Full work exhibited at AHO WORKS, Oslo, June 2019
Images exhibited at Tuesday Gallery, AHO, Oslo, November 2020